About JESC

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center, a pioneer of environment sanitation in Japan and an organization of technical specialists, contributes to the resolution of living environment-related issues on a local and global scale.


Name of Organization

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center (JESC)


February 12, 1954


March 12, 1956

Organizational Policy

As a nonprofit organization geared towards the improvement of the living environment, JESC actively pursues environmental protection and conservation through the whole range of its activities, and thereby contributes to create a healthier global environment in the future.


3 Executive Directors
3 Directors (full-time)

Number of Directors and Employees



Special members (prefectural governments)
Regular members (municipal governments and intermunicipal cooperatives)
Supporting members (private companies and others)




Organization Chart

Organization Chart


JESC Brochure 【PDF 5.3MB】

Activities to Promote Proper Management of Waste

JESC comprehensively supports the proper management of waste geared towards the establishment of a sound-material-cycle society, ranging from the formulation of a waste management plan to the construction of a treatment facility through activities such as;

  • Detailed functional inspection of municipal solid waste treatment facilities
  • Formulation of waste management plans and support for PFI programs
  • Statistical information survey on industrial waste
  • Commissioned research and investigation concerning waste treatment, resource recovery, use, etc.
Activities to Promote Proper Management of Waste01 Activities to Promote Proper Management of Waste02

Activities to Help Advance Environment Protection and Conservation

JESC tackles diverse environmental issues ranging from local environmental problems to global environmental problems through activities such as;

  • Implementation of research and development on environmental protection and conservation
  • Environmental survey and possible remedial action
  • Environmental adverse impact assessment
  • Environmental analysis, measurement and inspection
  • Environmental substantial investigation
  • Preliminary consultation for applying to the Basel-wastes
Activities to Help Advance Environment Protection and Conservation01 Activities to Help Advance Environment Protection and Conservation02


Activities to Control Pests and Nuisances

JESC helps to make people’s live more pleasant by controlling pests and nuisances through activities such as;

  • Research, investigation and consultation concerning pests and nuisances
  • Efficacy evaluation of pesticides, pest control devices, etc.
  • House dust mite and Japanese cedar pollen allergen measurements
  • Aquatic organism survey
Activities to Control Pests and Nuisances01 Activities to Control Pests and Nuisances02

Activities to Foster Specialist

JESC conducts seminars and training courses to foster specialists and help them increase their expertise through activities such as;

  • Training of waste treatment facility engineering manager
  • Proper industrial waste management promotion seminar
  • Seminars designed to foster personnel with working knowledge and skills in waste, rodents and noxious insects
  • Planning and implementation of other training programs, forums, etc.
Activities for Foster Specialist01 Activities for Foster Specialist02


Public Information Activities

JESC implements various public awareness activities on environmental sanitation through activities such as;

  • Dissemination of knowledge and skills
  • Publication of books
  • National convention for environmental sanitation
Public Information Activities01 Public Information Activities02

International Cooperation Activities

JESC contributes to the improvement of environment and sanitation in developing countries through various international cooperating activities such as;

  • Implementation of training programs
  • Implementation of international conference, seminar
  • Overseas dispatch of experts
  • Newsletter

Find here for a brochure on international cooperation activities of JESC【1.35MB】​


International Cooperation Activities01 


Asia Center for Air Pollution Research Activities

JESC strives to help improve the environment of East Asia through its activities as the Network Center for the Acid Deposition Monitoring Network in East Asia through activities such as;

  • Collection, storage, evaluation and dissemination of monitoring data and related information
  • Implementation of training and other programs aimed at ensuring data accuracy
  • Research and investigation into acid deposition and related air pollution
  • Public awareness and capacity building activities
Asia Center for Air Pollution Research Activities

Miscellaneous Inspection Activities

JESC helps secure a pleasant living environment through various activities such as;

  • Drinking water inspection based on the Water Supply Law
  • Small-scale private waterworks facility inspection based on the Water Supply Law
  • Septic tank maintenance inspection based on the Septic Tank Law
Miscellaneous Inspection Activities