The 3R Conference for Asian Local Governments

What is 3R Conference for Asian Local Governments

In Asian region, economic development is outstanding and the region is playing a crucial role in global economy. At the same time, cross-border resource recycling is increasing rapidly and international information-sharing and cooperation are very important.

Under these circumstances, intergovernmental partnership and academic exchange by experts regarding environmental problem and waste management are very active in recent years.

Japan Environmental Sanitation Center (JESC) has held “National convention for environmental sanitation” since 1956 for information exchange among local governments, experts, NPO and so on. In 2006 and 2007, we organized the international symposium “Challenge by Asian region for 3R”.

Since 2008, “The 3R Conference for Asian Local Governments” has been held as further developed one for information exchange and collective action, as a role of local governments is very important for promotion of 3R.


Past Conferences

  Year Venue Theme Declaration
1 2008 Saitama 3R Promotion
Saitama Declaration
【PDF 29.9KB】
2 2009 Fukuoka Promoting 3Rs through reducing disposable plastic bag
Fukuoka Declaration
【PDF 61.5KB】
3 2010 Kobe Waste Separation and Recycling
Kobe Declaration
【PDF 53KB】
4 2012 Tokyo

Session 1: MSW・3R Policy
Session 2: Technical Transfer
Session 3: Disaster Waste Management

Tokyo Declaration
【PDF 48KB】
5 2013 Kawasaki

Session 1: MSW・3R Policy
Session 2: Technology Transfer
Session 3: Wrap-up Meeting

Kawasaki Declaration
【PDF 59.3KB】
6 2014 Yokohama 3R activity and methods for its evaluation
<Session Title>
Session 1: MSW・3R Policy
Session 2: Mutual Cooperation in Asia
Session 3: Wrap-up Meeting
Yokohama Declaration
【PDF 48.5KB】
7 2015 Chiba 3R activity and methods for its evaluation
<Session Title>
Session 1: 3R and Infrastructure Development
Session 2: 3R and Low Carbon
Session 3: Wrap-up Meeting
Chiba Declaration
【PDF 14.4KB】
8 2016 Yokkaichi 3R Development by City to City Cooperation
Yokkaichi Declaration
【PDF 69.4KB】
9 2017 Hamamatsu 3R Development by City-to-City Cooperation Hamamatsu Declaration
【PDF 56.1KB】
10 2017 Osaka Appropriate Treatment and Recycling of Household Electronic Waste(E-Waste) Osaka Declaration
【PDF 90KB】
11 2018 Yokohama Approach for circular economy promotion in Asian Local Governments Yokohama Declaration
【PDF 54KB】
12 2019 Kitakyushu Local Governments' Actions against Plastic Waste Issues and their Challenges Kitakyushu Declaration
【PDF 132KB】

Participated Local Governments